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Other Awards opportunity

Other Awards opportunity

Leadership Awards

Soccer awards, which put more emphasis on sportsmanship are very essential. They recognize players with skills which are critical to the foundation and the bonding of the team. As a coach, you should recognize and reward good sportsmanship and excellent leadership among your players. Select personalized trophies for those players who have shown exceptional skills with bonding with the other team members in ways which have improved the team’s overall performance.

In addition, present awards to players who have shown respect to their fellow teammates, players of opposing teams, the fans and for you as the coach. You can also give a trophy to the player who is deemed by others to be the most fun to be around. Awards for character, attitude and leadership include general statements such as:

•    Good Sport Award

•    Best Listener Award

•    Team Spirit Award

•    Role Model Award

•    Best Teammate Award

•    Best Effort Award

Best awards

These awards normally recognize specific players who have set season records or displayed exceptional skills. You should reward the players with personalized trophies for particular achievements throughout the soccer season such as best defense, most assists, most goals scored, most number of corner kicks or the most memorable goal. You can also present an award to the player who learned the most unique skill.

The Golden Boot Award and The Coach’s Award are the most popular sports awards, which are usually presented by a soccer coach. The Golden Boot Award is received by the player who has proven himself or herself to the most outstanding and the best player of the team. On the other hand, The Coach’s Award is normally presented to the player who has exhibited an exceptional skill in a certain area which shouldn’t go unnoticed, such as academics or community service. Some of the awards in the best awards category include:

•    Best Goalie Award

•    Best Dribbling Award

•    Best Teamwork Award

•    Best Goal Kick Award

•    Best Long Short Award

•    Best Passing Award

•    Bravest Defender Award

•    Rock Solid Defense Award

Miscellaneous Awards

Miscellaneous soccer awards normally include any other award, which the coach would like to present to any person who has demonstrated dedication to the soccer team through providing refreshments, team spirit, team communications, cheering the team on through victory, taking pictures or encouraging the players when they face defeat. These awards are normally reserved for dedicated spectators, parents, team assistants and team managers. Awards under this category include:

•    Game Attendance Award

•    Most Valuable Supporter Award

•    Best Team Supporter Award

•    Telephone Champion Award

•    Assistant Coach Award

•    Best Practice Attendance Award

Remember that as the coach you should always take the lead in recognizing your players. Sports awards and trophies are the perfect way of doing so. Make use of these tips and choose the best personalized trophies for your team!

Sometimes, you may feel that the corporate gifts in Australia that you receive from suppliers or even your customers are well meant, but actually unimaginative and even rather boring. The saying “It is the thought that counts” is true, even if the gift is pretty predictable. Some people will tell you that they rely on their corporate gift from a particular company because it is so predictable. Well, a wall calendar, blotting pad or a bottle of wine – every year the same with no variation. However the hard facts are obvious, how many wall calendars can you use? How many mugs for coffee or tea do you need? It’s time to think deeper, folks!

Are you responsible for deciding on corporate gifts?

If this is your responsibility, you need to widen your horizons and look out for something new and innovative that will not only please but delight your recipients. The perfect corporate gift that you are looking for can be simple but extremely useful for practically everyone. Year on year, since the end of the recent recession, many people have the chance to travel by air for work or for pleasure. Certainly the increased growth in low cost carriers has also made the chance to fly at a lower cost more possible than it has ever been before.

So thinking about the ability for people to fly more often, what could you offer to them to make their travelling experience more enjoyable and less stressful? The answer is actually very simple but effective, it is a luggage tag that has a microchip on board.

How could such a product ever be considered useful?

>Well here is an interesting piece of information that came from one of the most popular low cost airlines operating in Europe. The biggest concern for their passengers when travelling is that their luggage doesn’t make it as it has been mislaid. If passengers find that their luggage has been mislaid, they are immediately in a seriously stressful condition. All of the plans that they have made for their trip are immediately put to one side, while they desperately try to locate their lost possessions.

If the passenger is travelling for business and is expected to speak at a conference, close an important deal, attend a very important training course and loses their luggage, they are hardly in a good condition to carry out their tasks and reach their objectives.

The product you will have found is equipped with a micro-processor on board, can give location information to the airport staff and is fully integrated with the IATA and SITA lost luggage location systems. Impressive? Yes it is. It is so good at helping passengers get their luggage back quickly that the world’s largest travel insurer offers discounts on travel policies for their customers if they attach this microprocessor luggage tag to their bag before travelling.

How big is the problem of lost luggage for airlines?

The numbers are actually staggering when you look at how many people take a commercial airliner flight per year. In 2014 2.9 billion flights were undertaken by passengers, 2.4 billion items of luggage were checked in 2.9 million pieces of luggage were mislaid, of which 195,000 never were reunited with their owners.

They did not just disappear, but when all attempts to find their owners were exhausted the luggage was sent to be sold at auction to happy buyers who could buy your belongings at a knock down price.

The microchip luggage tag, designed in the UK and manufactured in the United States, is constantly helping its users to get their bags back when bags that do not use it are sent away for auction as their owners’ details cannot be located. In the airline industry the people responsible for locating luggage owners describe challenge as “the needle in the haystack that has to find its owner” no easy task at the best of times, as you would understand.

So what are you saying when you give this gift?

It is a really important message that should not be understated. Essentially the receiver of the gift will understand that the donor really cares about the recipient and wants to offer something of real value. As most people will take a trip by air in the next 12 months, some thanks to their job may fly each week, will really appreciate this really useful piece of technology.

A luggage tag is not so interesting in itself; however this one with all of its tracking and tracking technology behind it is actually an awesome travel aid. Consider that it can help your luggage to be found in practically all the airports worldwide.

Most importantly, by selecting this gift or a similar one that is actually really useful, means that you and your company will be remembered for a very long time well after the boring wall calendar has long since been forgotten.

In this example, we are trying to show you how simple and useful a corporate gift can actually be that your recipients will want to use. If you need more ideas on effective corporate gifts in Australia, talk to us and let us guide you further.

You may have thought that soccer or football should be used to define the most popular sport in the world, but is it? No, it is not! In fact, cricket has a greater reach compared with other sporting games. In terms of players, football wins considering viewership but cricket stands up to football in terms of the numbers of players and the rewards available to players are now some of the highest possible. They are almost parallel to some of the bonuses and prizes that those soccer players can enjoy.

You may not know about this about cricket…

First evidence of cricket being played in England goes back to the 16th century, this much is well documented, but you may not know the first documented game between women was held on the 26th July 1745 near Reading in England. In a later game, there were prizes on offer between women and their married partners in a single wicket competition that rewarded the men with barrels of ale and the women with fancy lace gloves or the barrel of ale if they preferred. As we can see the idea of rewarding players for outstanding or winning performance was alive and well as far back as 270 years ago!

Reimagining cricket and encouraging new players to join the game

One of the most important challenges that face the cricket authorities in the 1980s was that cricket was being considered an aging game with little attraction to younger potential players or even the watching public make or female. The 5 day test international or 3 day regional game was considered only interesting to older people who lived in slower times and had nothing to offer the younger audience. All this has changed and in particular the new wave of performance rewards players young and older that recognised individual or team achievement, cricket trophies are a cornerstone to this renaissance.

Innovative and imaginative

As you prepare to consider the rewards that should incentivise your team and squad it is a good idea to have an overall strategy and plan. In the long term a roll of honour that can be displayed on the honours boards in your pavilion are great ideas. You should consider listing the season team captain from the year that the captain was appointed to the year that they moved on from this position. Next, is the best batsman each season, the best bowler and perhaps the best young player breaking through?

The best display is on a dark wood board with the player’s name written out in gold paint; this oozes continuity and tradition and should be considered the life blood of the club. If your club is lucky enough to have women’s team you should look to also have a roll of honour board reflecting the great performance of your women’s team.

Rewarding the individual

A season long reward is a great achievement, but you can do even more to motivate and drive your team players forward thanks to some smart award decisions. The man or woman of the match award is a natural award that should be awarded for each game with an appropriately attractive trophy. There are others that you should consider that include the bowler of the game award, the best batsman and the shot of the game. You could also consider the award for the golden game moment perhaps an amazing shot or a really excellent action that took a wicket.

Long medium and short term prizes and rewards

It’s all about motivation and your rewards should make sure that the team that you run is kept as motivated as possible to push for top performance thanks to your really smart awards. The key concept here is that all the players should be able to aim to win an award either for excellent and top class performance in each match or over the season, but don’t forget the monthly rewards that allow a player to play consistently well as a batsman, bowler or fielder during each month and receive an award even if they have not been the best player on a single match day but have out-performed their teammates over the month as a whole.

Don’t forget younger players perhaps playing in the youth teams that can receive rewards similar to the senior players but also recognising great performance or overall improvements. At the same time if your club’s social activities are important have awards ready for quiz nights winners as well as other activities and competitions that you may be able to lay on to involve the whole family to bring them closer to the club.

Another great award that has been pioneered by the BBCs Test match Special is the “Out for a Duck Club” everyone worldwide can qualify. You could consider having a special trophy for those unfortunates who lost their wicket with the first ball, maybe an attractive rubber duck trophy that will draw a smile and show that you also care for those unfortunate players too.Labour Day is a day that most employees can look forward to, as it is the day that all their efforts are usually acknowledged.  According to research, feeling appreciated is one of the top 3 drivers of employee commitment. Good news is that showing appreciation to others doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot of time or money. Best news is that companies not only manage to motivate their employees, but they also get to boost their reputation and sales. Talk of killing two birds with one stone!

Giving awards is not just about a quick ego boost or a pat on the back. It enhances a business’ reputation, and enables employees to take great pride in their work. It also instils assurance in customers about the professionalism and quality of the services provided by the company. Furthermore, it improves a business’ networking prospects by raising its profile within its industry.

Should awards and trophies be pricy?

The quality or value of the gifts, awards and trophies that you give out to your employees matters a lot. Research indicates that, although it’s not the value of the award or trophy that counts most, most employees tend to equate the quality of such rewards with the importance of the achievement. This means that you can reward your top employees with something valuable to make them feel really good about their individual achievements. After all, no employee would like to display a cheap-looking gift, award or trophy on his/her desk.

Tips on choosing awards and trophies


The key to successful acknowledgement or appreciation is choosing the suitable kind of award or trophy.   When picking up awards, there are a number of questions that you should ask yourself, including:

•    What is the main intent of the award? Is it to reward accomplishment, encourage achievement, recognize membership, show gratitude or mark service to an organization?

•    Do you intend to emphasize the competition, contest or activity?

•    Do you intent to develop a sense of common belonging, or mark an employee for distinction?

•    Do you intend to signify the achievement?

•    Do you intend to match the personality of the recipients of the awards, or to establish a stronger identity for your company?

After establishing the above, you will then have to settle on the kinds of items that would be the most appropriate for each of the employees that deserve to be rewarded. When picking awards, there are a number of things that you should keep in mind including:

•    Awards and trophies should be representative of the accomplishments made.

•    They should be attractive enough to be kept in the recipients’ offices or homes.

•    They should also be consistent with the image and purpose of the company presenting them.

•    Furthermore, the awards should be in line with the company’s budget.

Advantages of getting help from an award and trophy vendor

There are many advantages that are usually associated with delegating the task of picking awards, gifts and trophies on your behalf. The following are the main advantages:

•    A professional is knowledgeable of the latest techniques and products on the market.

•    Identifies the highest quality awards and other recognition items.

•    Provides great and innovative ideas as well as custom programs.

How to select the right type of custom award

There are various decisions that must be made when embarking on the conception of new custom awards and trophies. Of them are very strategic and high-level, such as the image you may intend to project as well as the overall message you intend to communicate. Others are a bit more practical, including your budget, order quantities, frequency of presentation, award dimensions and time frame.

One of the crucial decisions that you will have to make early on the custom award creation process is the type of custom award or trophy that you intend to create. Your choice will have momentous implications on the overall cost of your awards, the duration of time required to design and produce them, as well as their duplication ability.

Types of ideal custom awards

There are various types of custom awards that you can go for. The following are the common and most valuable types:

•    Custom sculpture awards – These are probably the most common and classic types of custom awards. They come in almost endless combination of sizes, finishes and styles.

•    Custom fabricated awards – unlike custom sculpture awards (which are usually produced using tradition casting processes), custom fabricated awards and trophies are mostly hand-created one unit at a time. Since they do not require a mould, a model or the casting process, custom fabricated awards generally have a shorter lead time compared to sculpture awards. They can be fabricated from a variety of materials, including glass, wood, plastic and metal etc.

•    Custom medallions – These are among the most cost-effective custom options from a per-unit price perspective. They come in a variety of custom shapes and sizes.

•    Custom crystal awards – These usually represent the shortest lead-time, as well as the lowest overall cost among the custom recognition options.

This goes to show that there are different unique ways in which a company or organization can recognize the efforts of its employees. Keep in mind that there are providers who are always more than ready to help with ideas that can help identify the most appropriate awards and trophies.

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